Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Secret Revealed - The New 'Fun-House' for Business

Today’s thoughts have been spurred by the spectacle of seeing old clergy creeping along in their colorful regalia for their conclave of voting for the next pope.  I think the whole thing is crazy -  It makes smoke come out of my ears.  It’s as though they don’t even trust themselves…. security is tight …..everything is an ultra secret – well, that’s one thing they have mastered with years of experience.  
Transparency today to know what is really going on is a tricky proposition.  As parishioners and business people alike know, it's a frightening world to know who to trust (besides yourself).   

In business, beautiful websites can appear to be sharp and very professional with hi-res pictures with dazzling animation and slick messages. These websites can also link to fancy talkers who can frame themselves in a backdrop that would make millionaire pastor, Joel Osteen proud.  Their ‘gift’ of gab is also impressive- enticing, magnetizing and designed specifically to capture you with the spoken word (and your email)  for ‘helping’ you move your business forward.  But, beware....

Not unlike a distorted mirror,  it has a false sense of engagement.  I am always amazed at the ‘personal’ emails I receive that follow.  Some grab me with a friendly Hey instead of the boring ‘Dear’…. and it also will mention my name in the text.  At first, I really thought I was  something special.  

So the lesson here is rooted in many things (thanks to high-quality stock photos, and progressive email platforms like Constant Contact) in many cases, they really are not what they appear to be.   

'Personal attention' is a coupling of words that have lost their meaning.  Lots of places ‘love’ to hear from you with comments or web videos which encourage engagement – but in most cases, they have so many ‘special friends' it’s not humanly possible to attend to all of them and your comment or question will go into Santa’s mail bag.  Sorry to burst your bubble.

The big divider though, is finding the talent within any type of organization.  It really is a secret to find them….and you will need to do your homework or rely on a trusted source to uncover that person(s).   If you’re like me, it’s the brains that count…. Gender, age really make no difference.   I'm all about an energy to make -things-happen in an efficient - high reward way. (period)

One way to qualify a person is their true experience. Not exaggerated pretend stuff.   Platforms like Linkedin may also be useful – the new way to ‘endorse’ someone is a simple way to see how someone ‘scales'  in a given area of expertise. There will eventually be a pattern to a unique area you may need.

Beyond that suggestion, and for those with communication with customers (B2C or B2B) ... your customers are your most valuable possession and they should be handled with great care.  It's easy today to be a shining star because expectations for service are at an all time lowIf you promptly answer a phone call or an email it is astonishing to the recipient.     
If you need to retain someone with unique expertise such as a creative jolt..... Kool-aid drinkers in particular, need to do their homeworkNetwork through people you trust to find other views of what you are looking for.  This will be a good use of your time -or- connect with me for the unvarnished truth.  :)  I hate being ripped off and that is the absolute reason for this blog.  

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