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Kool-aid Rehab - some ass kick'in is needed!

Weekend…. Kool-aid Rehab.... Recess!

Funny, offensive …. I really don’t care

Since this blog is my opinion and my opinion alone – I raise my glass of Kool-aid to the 1st amendment!

With that, I am reflecting on life from my own vantage point (a fox hole) and it’s not very pretty.  

As many of you know, thanks to our rotten economy, the job market sucks for the over +50.  Opportunities today are now few and very far between Most people I know have been in a bad mood for years, chronically depressed and fully stressed-out. 

Age-discrimination is rampant for anyone over the magical age of 50. People like me know even as a modern-day 'organ donor', it’s still not a good-enough match to be seriously considered for a 'real' job with benefitsFor that reason, experienced hard-working talent is struggling and starting over – trying to figure out what to do when they ‘grow-up’ and being 'a greeter' at Walmart is not on their short list.    Too young to retire, can’t downsize because home equity is gone….it's a pathetic quagmire.

When you are older and kicked off the proverbial job-carousel under labels like ‘position elimination’ … you’re toast – crispy and burned!   For some odd reason, this paradigm seems to exempt politicians and the Catholic Church hierarchy.

The only older ‘talent’ I see ‘working’ on a regular basis looks like this;  usually a guy in a dark suit, driven around in an ominous black unmarked vehicle -- some with security, some without, young people scurrying around behind them.... most are pasty color- gray hair, wire glasses and puffy faced…. Some are tan-sprayed and many are in need of ‘getting off their asses’ (!!!)  I’ll bet you’ve already figured this out …. Yes, it’s our elected officials …. great at talking -  fabulous on spending and amazing at programs that benefit themselves.  What a gig!  talk, talk, talk.....sound bites and photo opps!...... they all need to be fired!

They fight like children in a sandbox – grabbing toys for themselves ($$$) - give speeches with the mentality of ‘Look-at- me!, ‘Look-at-me!’(like kids in a pool)  making sure everyone knows just how brilliant they are.

It reminds me of a really bad reality show only you can’t turn it off because their decisions ultimately affect everyone.   

If you happen to be someone who is selling something (a product or a service) this crazy uncertainty flows downward in the way of consumer confidenceWhen people feel bad or uncertain of their future.... consumers cut back on spending --- which then cuts back on demand for things, then everything is discounted.....and SURPRISE jobs are eliminated can we all say 'DUH!'??!!  Have the experienced learned nothing along the way?  

Americans need to know that the people they have elected have their backs rather than their faces in a trough feeding themselves with money and so-called influence.

In the latest debacle of ‘leadership’ under the fancy term 'budget sequestrestion'  - where everyone needs to be impounded .... here’s a suggestion; and it’s not even a divine intervention--- We need a system where an elected official's pay is immediately cut (like ours) by 75% and where they too, can get ‘ww.shi**y’.  If that were to happen, they would have a stampede to a conclave to get the job done – like quick.  

Speaking of conclaves (and a wider view of our world)... While many humans are literally starving on our sad planet, this is what I am observing, again with another group of mature males;

I’m seeing a bunch of old dudes in long black robes with wide colorful sashes.... embellished with red and gold finery wearing matching red yamakas playing dress-up. .... and I'm not making this up!
.... don't mean to be offensive to religious-types.... but come on!  really! if you give this just a second of's crazier than politics today and that's say'n something. 

They are all shuffling quietly to be in the presence of another really old dude sitting on a throne wearing designer red shoes (Prada, of course), in a white yamaka wearing a fancy gold ring and other fashion accessories.  

What a gig!  And this stuff has been going on for three millenniums!….. wouldn’t Jesus be proud?   No holy water here! Must be blessed Kool-aid.    

Now, this guy, (the really old dude) who I know is keeping a big secret (shhh...)  is gracefully bowing out of his gig  for retirement …. Hmm?  gold watch?   and this is his departure; ... leaves work in a custom-made Mercedes ‘Pope mobile’…. To then board his private helicopter to be whisked away to his hillside private castle overlooking a beautiful lake surrounded by villas and lush gardens.   (ok, I’m jealous – who wouldn’t be?!) 

Now everyone is waiting to see the 'smoke' signal  (powdered Kool-aid) for the grand announcement of the next old dude - it will probably be pinky-red-colored-smoke to match their yamakas.    As luck would have it, the guilty (Cardinal O'Brien) has decided to not be 'a distraction' to this process- so it won't be long!  So honorable is he.  

Cardinal O'Brien, British Cardinal, Admits to Sexual Misbehavior
Do tell me though, ....  what has the ‘really old dude’ accomplished as a leader in the past 8 years which has made a profound difference in our world?   and more importantly, what’s under those big full robes… let’s hope not little boys? 
 I'll bet Cardinal O'Brien knows for sure!  what a cover up!

If women were given a chance to contribute to this old archaic thinking and fanatical protocol I have to conclude without thought:  a lot of flabby old asses would be kicked!  And there would be change - and it would be for the better - no red shoes would be needed either. 



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