Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Kool-aid Drinkers- The NEW Normal - it's Unsweetened!

A new Kool-aid drinker will be caught off-guard to realize there is a 'new normal' when it comes to business today.  Being a consumer yourself, you probably already know first-hand, about being ignored, hung up on, spending hours waiting for help ...... the new 'customer service' business model.  

Total and utter frustration

When running a business with technical website issues, there is nothing worse....
This idea of 'live chat'  leaves little comfort to anyone and when you have a missing independent real tech-person, who 'decides' when they would like to return a frantic message....usually by that time, you have pulled the last remaining hair from your head.

Bad manners have become the new way-of-the-world.  Ignoring someone is the NEW  'I'm not interested' AND 'I don't even have a second to tell you either.'   For people employed this is largely due to 'survival mode' in the workforce, but it's still bad manners nonetheless.  

What happens as it relates to Kool-aid drinkers; is your inability to actually reach people - those who you need to help move your business forward.  It is another futile exercise in frustration.   And to note; 'follow- up' as a word is a very out- dated and unrecognized term these days.

Your thoughtful well-written emails will go unanswered and if you're like me, you'll be bright-eyed and amazed until you hear the reason why.... (which is coming) ...

For at least a year, I was absolutely amazed that after reading my thoughtful personal emails,  someone couldn't hit 'reply' and actually 'reply'.... seriously! is it really that hard?  or just tell me 'no thank you' ....  In fact, I was so sure that this was so unimaginable that I thought for a time I had 'email halitosis' -- a frightening new odor which my computer surely was omitting. 

Then, when a wise friend (I have a lot of smart friends)  enlightened me with two simple words ....'DELETE BUTTON' -- Those words hit me like a brick to the head --- of course .... tsk, tsk.  actually brilliant! 

If you 'hit' the delete button on all correspondence which you don't care to care about.... it will just go away -- like magic!  poof! 

Months later when you do find this person (like running after rats on a sinking ship)... they will then tell you that your email must have fallen prey to their unfortunate spam folder.....!    ............................................ohhh, so sad.

 Brilliant again!   

That is, until you find yourself continuously on the 'DELETE' side of business, you will quickly find another term.... extreme frustration (along with other swear words)  and very much in need of a 'Plan B'  This is the unsweetened side of Kool-aid drinking.

glug, glug, glug ....    :)

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