Saturday, February 23, 2013

Kool-aid Rehab Harnessing Rocket Fuel

Those who are drinking Kool-aid you may already know that your business activities do not stop on Friday at 5:00 pm ... it is for that reason I decided to write again today.  I hope you're having a great weekend!

If you are a true 'Entrepreneur' the breed of human who rarely 'stops' .... your brain will always be spinning (is it the Kool-aid? :)   so many ideas, so many problems to solve! massive opportunity.... so little time....  it's endless.  I get 'it'.... in fact, all too well.

Your small business efforts are further amplified when you hear the term 'LAUNCH' in reference to your new start-up business - it inevitably fires up something deep in your brain to stimulate and boost big thinking.... and with that, sky rocketing sales.  Let the games begin!

The optimism is like rocket fuel for the brain and that's not a bad thing- it just needs to be harnessed a bit.     I have been there with that :)    Everyone wants to think they have the next 'pet rock' - (that guy sold 1.5 million 'rocks' and became a millionaire)  - just anything - an overnight success .... to then be able to conquer your next assignment with your brilliant ideas.   

What is forgotten is the small print.... and it should be noted that most of the 'overnight successes' have years of hard work, sweat, tears and chewed nails behind the process....

All should be reminded; if business were this easy
 then everyone would do it.  

I don't mean to sound so cynical, miracles do happen, (crazy sales)   but then, the inevitable brings you back to earth in the way of manufacturing issues.  It's just the reality of this business .....  PR 'spikes' are usually the culprit- absolutely impossible to forecast..... and they usually 'hit' without warning.    When blended with the consumer-of-today (demanding as they should be, with ZERO patience to wait for something they have purchased) and with the new variety of attention spans - that's the recipe for immediate refunds ...  the interest in your 'new shiny object' will melt quicker than unrefriderated ice cream.  (no kidding!)
Sadly you'll not be able to get them back.

Game over as they say! .....or for Entrepreneurs
like me, it's on to plan 'B' :) 

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