Sunday, March 17, 2013

Kool-aid Rehab For Start-Ups Is Sometimes a 'Start-Down' for Communication

The reason for this blog is to educate 'bright-eyed' Entrepreneurs on business today and to help  'expose' or at least communicate warning signs when you are before an 'Expert'(the term 'Expert' can mean lots of things...and has sadly been waaay overused and you must be careful! . Beyond that, within these postings are real 'tips and tricks' which will give aid to the glass-shards you may walk on which litter this path.  

So put on your boots and take off your rose-colored glasses and get ready for the unvarnished truth!  It's time to get real.

Today's message is about communication. As in connecting with people who may be helpful to you in moving your business forward. 

To start,  for new readers, it will be helpful to begin with ...'Kool-aid Rehab Welcome to...' - it's important to know why becoming an Entrepreneur  is such a popular direction people are taking today. 

As a stand-alone term, being an 'Entrepreneur' even sounds like 'fun' and kind of melodic... creating your own-destiny, managing your own time - hmm?..... all I can say is BEWARE because you will be standing alone at times screeching sour notes as you pick glass out of your feet. (and those are  the pieces which have pierced through your boots! :) It is a hard route to take - and there are very few shortcuts.

#1. Frustration
After making my own path on this journey for the past 3 years - as a full-on start-up Entrepreneur - (barely coming up for air) -  I have found the  single most frustrating #1. eye-opener is lack of access to people you need to reachI'm now convinced...It's actually worse than connecting with someone at the Pentagon.  Everyone is in survival-mode for their own jobs and it's a wild time in business.

For the inexperienced, there is an allure with the Internet where it's easy to not only quickly identify the person you need....but you will probably have an immediate fantasy that this person (s)  will respond-back and even better, actually  'help' you.  This couldn't be further from the truth.  The greater the expectation the harder you will fall!  This is not a joke.

In + 98% of all cases, this is what communication today looks like; .... 

Through the genius of Linked in as just one can usually find new people - those that may be able to help you in one-way-or another .... you may even have a 2nd generation connection (who you know)  who can make an introduction.  This person might even leave a voice-mail message on your behalf  (their happy pictures may also be alluring).... you may even have (although brief) an actual phone conversation with the target person... that person, will likely then ask you to send something to advance the cause (of what you are trying to do) - which you will gladly and swiftly comply ... AND  usually that is where this effort stops. (period).   it's most unfortunate when you have created a personal detailed proposal or sent an expensive product sample.   

You will next professionally follow-up (as you should) in a timely manner..... Communication will start with polite emails, then phone messages (always indicating a benefit to them with unique ideas) to continue with .... (on the 8th message)... with a concerned parent voice.... are you 'OK' 'I was worried something might be wrong! (after leaving messages for 3 straight weeks).   This effort will then lead to months and then years.  Hopefully they haven't died or been permanently maimed

Here's the unvarnished truth... just like hitting the delete button on emails .... the delete button is activated on VM too! It's the DAILY DOUBLE!  There is no real malice intended....but  After time, the unspoken message (from the person) 'is please go away'.... I have no need for you..... nor do I have time to even have a quick conversation about my lack of interest!   It's just easier to ignore you ...!   For people on the receiving end of this..... It's really about as pathetic as it can get. Most people have a cell phone attached to their ear or a smart phone to write quick replies...... is it really that hard to respond?

I do understand the term, busy (like no-other) but come on!   This idea is not rocket science... it's basic manners. You can only hope that this is happening to them on things which they need.  Then again, to be honest, this sh** needs to STOP!!  No one likes to be blatantly ignored for any reason.

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Have a great week!  

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