Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sorry for the Kool-aid Rehab 'fleas' ( err, I mean advertising! )

Aren't we all trying to do our best?   As writer of this blog I thought I would make 'sharing' easier so 'loading in' a handy gadget which appeared to look like a tool to fulfill that goal made sense to me.   I should have known though, that my favorite mantra would surface 'No good deed goes unpunished' ...... Cuz that's what happened.
Thanks to a very alert reader who kindly informed me that my precious blog-words were littered with advertising and pop up sh&# ....  so I have now fixed the problem.
I was horrified to learn of this mess, so I apologize to all who were inconvenienced and I thank Jim ...
Another teachable moment !  You just have to watch all aspects - especially 'free'  things .... I have now learned the 'catch' to that idea ..... but to be honest, I'm tired of cleaning up messes ..... and learning new things which shouldn't have to be learned in the first place!

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