Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A No Kool-aid Needed Start-up 'Tip'


For the many people who have taken the time to read my introductory blog on Kool-aid Rehab I want to personally thank you.  For those who made it to the end of that manifesto - you may have actually learned something.  
For today's 'lesson' I wanted to explain my snarky tone regarding 12-step relief #1. (from 'introductory blog) when starting  a website; Why it is important to NOT trust people to have your best interests in mind.  Sounds pretty horrible doesn't it?....  well, here's why;

As anyone knows, when you are viewing a project from your own area of expertise (especially when you are being paid) the outcome in many cases, will be slanted in that direction.  Like having blinders on to what you know best, other options are never a consideration for your client… not malicious, but it does happen.  

Start-ups and new people to this arena are especially venerable.
So when you’re planning to create a website.... a 'web builder' naturally (even with seemingly low hourly fees) will be most interested in 'building' a website (end-of-subject).  This person will also suggest 'building' a cart. And the platform they will use will be ‘easy’ (for them).   For people who are not familiar with this process (and it is intimidating to those who know nothing about it) you will think... great! ... 'Build me a beautiful (which also means ‘custom’) website AND cart so I can start my business.’   whew! You will then have a big gulp of Kool-Aid.  aahh !

The flaw in this happens (after you pay thousands) you’ll discover later that if questions and research had been done (instead of trusting) you might be better off having said to that person…. “Hey, I know 'web building' has become available to average people and web platforms are now user-friendly -- can you direct me to a place where we can work together to develop something more suited to my start-up needs?”  You will then continue this ‘conversation’…. "I've heard these platforms for web building are inexpensive compared to just a few years ago with easy templates that can be modified to 'look' custom and they also have tech support" hmm?
.....and you’ll then be proud thinking… that is a smart move because I need to really watch my spending when I am first starting out.   right? ! 
These words alone will put you in a peg-above-brilliant and your ‘web builder’ will have a difficult time to argue with this approach. (if that’s the case, find someone else to help you get started)  This approach is truly what you need to do and they aren’t going to be suggesting it! (end-of-subject)  Even with limited knowledge on website building, management and maintenance – you will be thanking me for this advice. 
Websites need to be viewed as a fluid communication piece. ‘Banners’ (you’ll learn about) will need to be changed and if you have a temperament like mine, you will not be in the mood to ‘hunt down’ a ‘web builder’ to do editing on your site.  That is a ridiculous waste of time.   Moreover, social media integration is a must-have if you are interested in competing on the Internet. Web platforms today are very integrated with these functions.   Another end-of-subject statement.  .....    and to side-bar this advice… after I crawled from the ashes-of-hell (another story) … I found Big Commerce (just click to link) and haven’t had to look back.  The tech support staff is English speaking, patient and competent and most importantly… available to help. 

Please connect with me if you have other ideas to 'save' the innocent. 


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